Every child deserves a place to learn.

We establish and support educational environments that not only foster learning on an individual level, but personal and social development as well.

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Welcome to the Aspire Carolinas Foundation, a non-profit organization designed to support schools teaching children with autism/ Asperger’s and learning differences in the greater Charlotte region.

Established in 2017, the Foundation provides a new direction for this education, by developing and supporting schools in the communities in which they reside.

Challenged learners need an opportunity to fulfill their aspirations, and enhance their communities, by sharing their unique gifts and abilities. Often traditional educational settings do not provide the right environment for these students to flourish and their potential can be lost.

Aspire Carolinas helps establish independent schools in areas where there is a clear need for alternative educational settings for students who learn differently, assisting communities in creating a framework of collaboration and network of support to establish and maintain each school.

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Our Mission

Aspire Carolinas Foundation, Inc. exists to develop and support schools for children with autism/Asperger’s or children with learning differences, so they can fulfill their aspirations.