17 Jan 2019

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The Big Picture: For those children struggling

17 Jan 2019
The Big Picture:

For those children struggling in public schools or currently being homeschooled our new schools will provide an environment that is built specifically to meet their educational needs. These students will be able to thrive academically and socially because the teaching methodology, curriculum, and therapeutic services supports will all be customized to help them reach their true academic potential in their home community. By adding a High School trade/vocational school we will have additional options for all students including our unique learners. This multi-million-dollar endeavor will require the support of our community to develop the land, build facilities, and create the education village at Huntersville.

We Need Your Support

The education village at Huntersville will bring unique elements together to strengthen North Mecklenburg and the surrounding communities. By placing the first charter trade High School in North Carolina and schools for children with learning differences and autism/Asperger’s on the same campus we can maximize impact while being cost effective in sharing resources and physical space. To create this unique village of multiple schools for unserved and underserved students, as well as a much-needed vocational high school that offers competitive career options for all of our children, we need the support and financial resources of the North Mecklenburg community and surrounding region. With your support we can give every student a viable career path and every business and corporation a pipeline of skilled and prepared workers for the future. Together we can strengthen our communities and make a difference in the lives of our region’s children.

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