17 Jan 2019

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3rd-8th Grade Asperger’s/Autism Spectrum School Our phase

17 Jan 2019

3rd-8th Grade Asperger’s/Autism Spectrum School

Our phase one plan calls for renovating a 6,000 square foot home currently located on the property to house the initial Asperger’s/autism spectrum school. This historic home has a peaceful ambiance and many beautiful, large rooms that can easily be converted into classrooms. Entering through the sunny front porch, students will be welcomed by a sense of comfort and belonging as this school will truly become their ‘home away from home.’

K-12 School for Students with Learning Differences (LD) and a School Within a School.

The master plan calls for the construction of approximately 60,000 square feet of building space to serve families who have children with learning differences and includes a dedicated school wing for up to 75 Asperger’s and autism spectrum students. Often referred to as a school within a school, this synergetic arrangement allows the LD and Asperger’s/autism spectrum schools to share resources. The building plans include classrooms for lower-, middle-, and upper-school students, and features shared spaces including a dining hall, gymnasium, music room, art room, counselor offices, a central receptionist desk, and school administrative offices.

Trade School

This new 70,000 square foot school will be designed as an airy and bright modern space conducive for technical learning. Operating under a North Carolina charter school license we will open the first trade school in the Charlotte metro area for grades 9-12. Upon graduation the students will be fully qualified to begin a career in their chosen trade with a local business or company. Students will have varied curriculum choices in advanced manufacturing, construction trade, and other vocational offerings. These courses will offer hands-on training, rather than purely theoretical teaching. The students will be prepared to begin work in their chosen trade upon graduation. At full enrollment this school will serve 400 plus students within the region.

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